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Hello, They are a fan of Astronomy from many years, and I have constructed this situated one in order to publish some my photo. Ho 50 years and alive to Florence and I have one magnificent daughter of Katia name.

They are associate of the association of astrofili of the astronomical observatory of  GrAM

and I currently take care of resumptions deep sky and planetary with digital systems them.Unfortunately I do not have much time on hand in order to observe, preventing me systematically to dedicate me to something more specific, but if an object or a celestial phenomenon particularly interesting passes over my head I try to resume. 

I do not scorn neanche a sure interest to phenomena UFO is to the search of an explanation and understanding to the mysteries that such phenomena have on the man. The arguments very fascinate me on the spiritual search in the fields of the esoterismo and the hidden one, without to exceed in gills to outside of this matter.
 I possess one small astronomical station
situated in localita'  Firenzuola.
 To Florence instead I observe from the house garden where I have predisposed an angle for the telescope. The instrument and always the same one of Firenzuola, than in the long periods of absence from lassù, the port with me in city. Sometimes I go to the good search of a situated one near Florence.And it is just this to girovagare with the telescope that encounter many persons who ask me made curious “a Six astrofilo? But cos'è a astrofilo, to what it serves a astrofilo ".... 

nd I answerA ...The astrofilo she is a person who has found a sure admiration for the wonders of the sky and tries to answer to the great questions that the humanity question sin from its albori. Questions that are of the type: Why we are here? Why we exist? Where we are? We are single in the Universe?
Astrofilo that it studies and it observes the sky is he who tries to answer to these questions scrutando the deep sky to the search of the truth.
The astrofilo person is also one .misteriosa a strange P2o. full load of energy, able to be entire nights to contemplate to the wonders of the sky, defying the difficult cold and situations. Able of girovagare with its telescope, acquired with large sacrifices, to the search of calm places where the sky is still buio and cleaned up….Then they ask to me: “But who ago to make you to be the night, even to the icy cold, far away from house in the buio to observe the sky? ”
 This can be explained solo from the emotion of the observation; going far and wide in order as an example to observe a planet, one cloudy or a heap of stars….they are emotions difficult to explain to words..


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